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    ItalianRestaurant – with love and passion … experience !

    At Krone Restaurant located at Zugerstrasse 7 in the centre of Cham you will feel at home with the family in sunny Italy. Krone Restaurant offers a unique pleasant and familial gastronomy – an ideal place to meet for lunch or an evening meal or simply for a glass of good wine.

    Allow yourself to be pampered …


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    We talk with our hands; we laugh a lot because we enjoy our work; we are loud; we stick together; we keep our feet on the ground; we are part of the catering trade …

    We are an authentic family company which has been enjoying Mediterranean hospitality since 2006 … simple, Italian, with love and passion.

    La nostra filosofia…

    Competence is a precondition

    Respect for all

    Openness through our italianità

    Naturalness we are the way we are

    Ambition because the best is never good enough for us.

    Meet the team


    Our selection of dishes and wines is compact and clear.

    In order to set ourselves apart from the rest of the competition, we deliberately do without pizza and spaghetti. We offer selections of Italian specialities. “Filetto di manzo al tegamino” is one our house specialities which enchants our guests again and again. Moreover, simple pasta dishes, such as “Penne all‘ arrabbiata” are unique … no common or garden macaroni !

    Depending on season, other pasta & home-made “Crespelle” are offered.

    The desert specialities include “Tiramisu della nonna”, panna cotta, gelati & co. Like no other espresso, our “Vero espresso italiano” will give you a real Italian attitude towards life !

    Our classic menu



    Here you will get to know everything that is new at Krone Restaurant in Cham.
    We will tell you more about our current and seasonal offers right up to special events.
    And we will reveal one or the other Italian recipe. Why don’t come around and keep yourself informed. We are looking forward to your next visit.

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