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    We speak with our hands; sometimes we are loud and laugh a lot because we have fun working …, says Dipl. Gastro-Unternehmer Rafael Mendoza. Together with his wife and his parents-in-law from the south of Italy, he manages the “Restaurant Krone” family business in Cham. Rafael Mendoza has Italian (Sicilian) and Spanish (Barcelonan) routes, and has been fascinated by the job since his apprenticeship in the service trade. He is committed to the “Gastro Zug” cantonal association, and is a member in the “Food and Beverage Management Association” of Switzerland. Fani and Saverio have managed different establishments in Zurich (Chreis Chaib) and in the regions (Langnau am Albis and Adliswil). Together they cultivate Mediterranean hospitality: “Unpretentious, Italian, with love and passion”.



    Rafael Mendoza
    in service and owner

    Nadia Fortunato
    in service, in kitchen and administration

    Saverio Fortunato
    in service and purchase

    Fani Fortunato


    Ambro Food

    Ambro Food SA is a company which has specialised on food of typical Italian origin. The zest for action, determination and versatility describe our entrepreneurial activities. The co-operation and organisation of Marketing, Sales, and Logistics Departments strive for constant improvement and satisfaction of needs. With the aim of presenting their healthy and original products from Italy, large companies have commissioned Ambro Food SA to represent them on the Swiss market.

    AVP Media-Design
    Seit 2011 bietet AVP Dienstleistungen im Bereich Multimedia an. Ausgehend von unserem Studio in Cham sind wir schweizweit tätig. Unser Kundenstamm erstreckt sich vom KMU bis zum Grossunternehmen über verschiedene Branchen. Diese Erfahrungen bringen wir als breit gefächertes Knowhow in jede Produktion mit ein und schaffen so einen Mehrwert. Unser Team besteht aus zwei Mitarbeitern und wird projektbezogen durch ein grosses Netzwerk an fachkundigen Freelancern und Partnern ergänzt. Wir freuen uns bald auch Ihre Vision in die Realität umzusetzen.

    You have an excellent nose. In our family-run company everything focussed on the finest fresh specialities. Fish, crustaceans, tender meat and poultry, and many things more have been our passion for four generations. May we whet your appetite a little ?

    Echt Von Rotz

    The tradition of confectionary at Kronauerstrasse 3 in Cham dates back to 1890, and since 1978 this tradition has been continued by the Von Rotz family. In 1997, Aline and Arnold von Rotz handed over their typical local bakery confectionery to their son Roger and his wife Andrea. We attach great importance to the fact that in our products the origins of the flavours are retained. If the aroma of the fine almond is the basis of a composition, we make sure that this flavour is refined by other tastes.

    Dumet AG
    Das kleine Unternehmen mit Sitz in Steinhausen spezialisiert sich seit 1975 auf Olivensorten rund um das Mittelmeer. Die Oliven erster Qualität werden von Hand gepflückt, authentisch in Salzlake verarbeitet und ohne Pasteurisierung im Frischebeutel dargeboten – nur so bleibt der echte Geschmack der Oliven erhalten. Von höchster Qualität entspricht auch das prämierte und delikate Olivenöl aus einer kleinen Kooperative in Andalusien – erste Ernte und kalt gepresst!

    There are few companies in which quality is as closely associated with the name as in Etter. Since the foundation of the family-run company in 1870, the claim is to encourage and foster this ideal. It is only when all claims have materialised and all quality controls have been passed in the company-own manufacture that the product receives its quality seal. Plain and simple a name: ETTER

    Iten Letzi

    Iten Letzi, an innovative agricultural business from Zug. On this green island in the middle of the Canton of Zug with pastures and more than 100 high-trunk trees, grain fields and woods, you will not only find rural idyll, but also an efficient and ecologically managed IP business where cows and hen can still enjoy their freedom to roam. The grain used to feed the animals is in conformity with the guidelines of extenso. On account of species-appropriate animal husbandry and ecological agriculture, we can offer healthy and fresh products.

    Tartufi Compagnoni

    The fascinating world of truffles ! For decades, the white and black tubers have kept us spellbound. Perhaps this is due to their indescribable and unique aroma which make them simply irresistible ! In haute cuisine, truffles offer plenty of possibilities for chefs de cuisine to prove their skills and serve culinary delights to their discerning guests.


    The Vergani Company run in the family for 120 years is one of the leading Swiss wine shops in Switzerland. We have specialised on a few countries as we want to offer wines from these countries with competence and corresponding depth. On account of this specialisation, we can purchase a large share of a vintage from selected producers. We are not content with a simple representation, but according to our opinion offer the best quality of wines and grappas from all important provenances.

    Vini Divini

    We set highest value on tradition and respectful pleasure of selected drops, which have been turned into first-class wines by the care and expertise vintners. Our varied assortment comes from all regions of Italy and offers something special for every taste.